Web Design Trends In 2015

The new year is almost upon us and it is time to look at what will be going on in the web design industry in 2015. The internet is rapidly changing, which is why we can also expect to see quite a few changes in web design standards. The most prominent however, is the one that been silently waiting to… Read more →

6 Web Design Trends That Will Define 2015

There is no doubt that web design is such a diverse and vibrant industry that is ever changing and evolving rapidly. For instance in 2014 , some of the biggest and most remarkable web design trends included grid layouts, background videos, the increasing capabilities of HTML5 APIs and flat design. So which web design trends, techniques and technologies will define… Read more →

The Best Web Design Service And How To Find It

Finding the best web design service is not impossible. There are certain features to look for when trying to find the best company. Experience The first feature to search for is experience. This company should have been in business for a good number of years. They should also have hundreds of customers. Going further, the employees who work for this  company should… Read more →