Web Design Trends In 2015

Web Design Trends 2015

The new year is almost upon us and it is time to look at what will be going on in the web design industry in 2015. The internet is rapidly changing, which is why we can also expect to see quite a few changes in web design standards. The most prominent however, is the one that been silently waiting to attack: the demands of the mobile user and its effect on how we design websites. Beyond that, there are several other interesting trends to expect in the next year. Ready to dive in?

Responsive or mobile design

It’s no secret that more and more people are using their mobile phones to browse the internet, and neither is the idea to create a responsive or mobile site completely new. Quite the contrary, because smart business owners hopped onto this trend several years ago. The big shift however, is that in 2015 a responsive website design is not a trend anymore, but will have become the norm. The main reason for this major shift is that statistics show that by the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, mobile browsing will have outgrown regular browsing from a PC. Did you know that mobile users will not wait for more than 5 seconds for your website to load properly on their mobile phone, before they simply look for your competitor? Most regular websites are hard to read and slow to load. Without responsive or mobile adaptive website in 2015, chances are you can kiss your business goodbye.


Online content is starting to replace print advertising more and more often. Print material have one big advantage though; it is so easy to play with typography and create something truly amazing. Online this has been a challenge thus far, primarily because it was thought that users need something simple to read. On top of that, type kits and fonts have been quite expensive up until recently, and most were only used by bigger corporations that had the budgets to pay for such fonts. With the coming of Google Fonts – which is free – and other type kits becoming generally more affordable, this is all changing. In 2015 you can expect to see some interesting designs with the use of typography and flexible use within themes.

Background images

Boise Web Design Background Images

Because the speed of our internet, as well as the efficiency of our computers and browsers, is always increasing, more and more websites will start to use beautiful full-screen background images for their websites and blogs.

Scrolling websites

A trend that walks hand in hand with the ever increasing use of mobile browsers, is that of scrolling through a website rather than clicking. This is a trend that we have already seen in 2014, but it will continue to grow in 2015. It is more intuitive and allows mobile users to see the entire site just by scrolling down, rather than using the menu and having to wait for every separate page to load.