6 Web Design Trends That Will Define 2015

2015 Trends

There is no doubt that web design is such a diverse and vibrant industry that is ever changing and evolving rapidly. For instance in 2014 , some of the biggest and most remarkable web design trends included grid layouts, background videos, the increasing capabilities of HTML5 APIs and flat design. So which web design trends, techniques and technologies will define 2015? Here are 6 web design trends that will define 2015.

1. Unique navigation menus

Ranging from floating menus to sticky menus, there will be more creative solutions to web navigation in 2015. Some of the unique navigation menus that will create memorable browsing experiences in 2015 include slide down, spiced up with imagery, pop-up, dynamic animations and secondary information among others.

2. Fixed blocks

Lots of web designers are used to navigation menus and sticky sharing bars. In 2014, designers proved that sidebars along with other elements of web design can be fixed and still do a great job. That is why there will be many websites in 2015 with fixed blocks.

3. Huge background imagesweb background image

Huge background images was one of the biggest web design trends in 2014. And in 2015, there will more massive background images used alongside subtle parallax effects and rich topography. This is due to the lead adopted by massive brands like Google Nexus and Apple.

4. Card- based design

Content needs to fit on various sizes and types of screens. Cards are the surest way of making that work across various platforms. The fact that companies such as Google are using card-based design means that this trend will be one of the biggest web design trends in 2015.

5. More interactive web design

In 2014, web designers showed that using interactive web designs is the surest way of creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for users. That is why more interactive web designs are bound to crop up in 2015 in a bid to enhance users’ emotional involvement with various brands. More interactive designs will also be meant for increasing the amount of time that visitors spend browsing sites.

6. Bigger, bolder and better fonts

There is little doubt that topography impacts on usability as well as the overall aesthetics of a site. Again, it is one way of conveying the brand message. That is why designers will use bigger, bolder and better fonts alongside responsive typography in 2015 in order to provide visitors with a better reading experience.

Besides these 6 web design trends, there are other trends that are also likely to define 2015, thanks to the fact that web design is constantly changing and evolving as mentioned earlier along.